Love of

the Game

It is easy to spot an artist who also has a real love for games and role-play. Anna Helme was an immediate standout when we were looking for artists to feature here. She has been drawing for about five years, something that would be impossible to guess by looking at the beautiful character portraits she does. A self-proclaimed geek girl herself, Anna is absolutely down-to-earth and approachable. You can see more of her work at DeviantArt and Tumblr.

Anna tells us that she began drawing fan art when she started playing games. Games give her a lot of inspiration and food for thought. She says it is much more interesting for her to draw characters from games, movies, or books than to draw real people because fictional people cannot just be photographed. We asked her what games she liked, and it was impossible for her to pick just a few. She explained, "Oh, I think I like a lot of games. I love RPGs, but I also play shooters. I like indie games with amazing atmosphere, but I also play in MMOs. I can say that the main thing for me in the game is the story and the plot. Those are much more important to me than the genre."