Movement and light are the elements that immediately caught our attention with Belgian artist Kaiyela's work. Her sketches have a wonderful kinetic quality, offering a quick glimpse into her subjects that feels at once authentic and intimate. Kaiyela's figure drawings are evocative of Social Realists like Raphael Soyer or Isabel Bishop. Her technique yields some stunning results when paired with games like World of Warcraft and Guild Wars 2. Kaiyela's commission information and more of her work can be found on DeviantArt and Tumblr.

Liesbet van Loon, is a 24-year-old animator and illustrator in Belgium. She has been active with pencil and paper, drawing pretty much every moment available from the time she was a child. Her favorite pastime was creating characters, often drawing short comics or playing them out in make-believe stories with friends. Because of this, character-driven interest the allure of RPG video games was strong. She quickly became immersed and obsessed with the characters and vast worlds games had to offer. When Liesbet was introduced to MMORPGs, this enthusiasm only increased. At age eleven (don't tell her mom!) she started playing World of Warcraft with her best friend. This was the start of a period where her drawings reflected the games she played. While she still created her own characters, they became more and more involved in the lore and world of the games she played. It was a trend that still continues to this day.

Liesbet explained that she enjoys creating 'game fan art' because it reflects a world that resonates with so many people. The way the races and cultures are visualized is something familiar to others, but she's still able to fill it in with characters and stories of her own vision. She tells us, "Personally, in game art, I get drawn in by the familiarity of the looks and then I'm inspired by what's done differently. Be it characters, stories or a visual approach, the artist adds to it. It's an endless playground where the game inspires the art and the art then inspires me to game/play."

The games Liesbet enjoys the most are RPGs and MMORPGS. The ones that inspired most of her art are World of Warcraft and Guild Was 2, but she has since come to really love Skyrim, the Dragon Age series and FFXIV as well.