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Artist – writer – professional cabrona

Cate lives with her husband and a few very spoiled animals. She occupies most of her free time plotting their move to Spain & becoming a terrible but enthusiastic flamenco dancer.



"I do many things well, none of which generate income."



I’m a writer and long-time role-player, which started back on AOL in the Rhydin setting, then branched into White Wolf’s World of Darkness. I’m a mom and a wife, an animal lover, and a vegetarian. I love voice-acting, photography, and other creative outlets. I’m a lot more shy in person than I am online.



I’m a DJ for Club Phoenix in the MMO, Secret World Legends. I DJ in-game and locally, and have a passion for music that translates to the interactions I have with the crowd. When I’m not doing shows for Club Phoenix, I’m trying to learn about music production, SWL, and the social scene.



Anna Helme is an artist who lives in Russia. She began drawing about five years ago and is self-taught. 



Living near a rather creepy woods with her partner and three cats, this introverted gal divides her time between various forms of RP (she's been playing some version of Sayeh for nearly 15 years), being a day walker, and picking up way too many side hustles. Lover of animals, good food, and the occasional Netflix binge, she hopes someday to have at least one story published, finally have a massive death-hawk, and maybe actually take that holiday she's been talking about since high school.

Shereen K.

JANAY Z. (Kikko)

Janay Z (Kikko) is a nutty American gamer who has been living in South Africa for nearly six years. Starting with tabletop gaming in the early 90s, she then branched out to text-based RPGs (MUDs) in the mid-90s. A self-professed word nerd and lover of the arts, she is often seen on the convention circuit in South Africa, encouraging local artists, streamers, cosplayers, and those who dare to forget the corporate world to follow their artistic dreams to continue their work.


Currently, Janay works as a freelance editor for everything from blogs to books.



Hi, I'm Paul, a 41-year-old amateur DJ, music fan, and video gamer. I've been playing SWL for some time and DJing inside the game for over two years. Most of my free time revolves around music and gaming on some level. This year, I plan to experiment with music production and post-produced DJ sets, then see where that takes me. Professionally, I am employed as a financial/commercial analyst, which is probably one of the reasons why I really, really need a creative space.



Thalia C. is a person who’s not very good at describing herself. She’s gotten her friends arrested a few times, gotten away with setting a building on fire, conducted surgery on herself twice and once saved a life. She’s a terribly boring person. Only ever goes out to parties for the food. And maybe dancing. In some circles she’s known for being the world’s leading expert in the lexical analysis of Harry Potter fanfiction. In others, she’s well respected for reasons that no one’s quite sure about but are too afraid to ask. You might know her as the writer for Amalie Sinclair, but probably not before reading this bio.



I’m Mike, a 41-year-old father of two boys. When I’m not DJing or doing something in the community, I like writing and making 3-D art.  I work in HVAC doing mostly controls programming and developing energy management systems for the municipality that I live in.



Liesbet van Loon, who creates art under the name Kaiyela, describes herself as a freelance animator by day and an MMORPG enthusiast by night.

kaiyela bio.jpg


EJ Davis is no stranger to weird. With a political memory that stretches back to the Carter Administration, three kids, a dog and a cat, and access to the Internet, he gets pulled into too many strange scenarios. He's been gaming and role-playing much longer than he cares to admit. Oh — and don't get him started on why 'trans-warp beaming' is the stupidest idea ever.

Jason D.jpg


An Australian writer and self-professed political tragedy, Claire's first interest in writing came through online role-playing when she was a teenager. With years more role-playing experience than she would care to admit, Claire has always been eager to explore and understand the more unusual corners of her favorite hobby.



A quick word of acknowledgement to anyone who played a part in the creation of Multifarium — There are so many individuals who worked their magic, intentionally or not, to bring this place into being. It would be impossible to mention them all, but that makes them no less important to us. Thank you all for appreciating and supporting our madness. You are wonderful!