Circle16 was conceived as a creative roleplaying & storytellers' space for No Man's Sky. The basic concept for Circle16 is to bring interstellar travelers together to remember with others the stories of the planets they have seen as well as making room for them to share their own chronicles. It is a place where you can RP and/or create stories set in NMS without disturbing the game lore.


Whether you are an experienced writer/roleplayer or someone who is new and simply wants to give it a try, you are welcome. The group is intentionally designed to be inclusive, supportive, comfortable & FUN. We are open to those who have membership in other groups and are always happy to collaborate on projects together! Our greatest goal is to make connections easier for players who are looking for roleplaying opportunities. Follow us on Twitter @CircleXVI. We hope it will become a space where many diverse stories inspired by the worlds of No Man's Sky can take shape. We invite you to join our Discord & journey with us!


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