The Mission

Our belief system invokes insightful collaboration, cooperation, inclusiveness & actively seeking out ways to involve players in games they might not otherwise join. We do what we can to ensure that fewer players feel marginalized or excluded by creating stories, art, music & game plots that do not pander to stereotypes of any sort. We endeavor to provide space for people to discuss what they love about gaming & cosplay, as well as what they don't like so much. We enjoy hosting & GMing game plots that make us think, approaching roleplaying as a serious artistic genre that has much to offer, always making sure to remember that the point is to have fun.

Who We Are

We began as two gamers who lived across an ocean from one another, acquainted by sheer luck and fortuitous circumstance. Our game-related projects brought us together with other players from all over the world. The experience of creating events and working collaboratively with others started us thinking on what we really enjoy about the process. We  wanted to make a space where all of the many talented individuals we have discovered can share, connect, be recognized, and enjoy the art of the game. This is how the concept of the multifarious emporium began! In the last year some of the faces behind the Multifarium have changed, but it continues to be what we hoped it would become—a place where many talents, experiences, varied ideas, and wonderful people can find their way to each other. 

What We Seek

We want to showcase creative thinkers of every sort: GMs, artists, writers, and musicians who are connected, directly or indirectly, within the gaming world. We want to entice all those wallflowers with talent to come out & share with others. We want to welcome players who are completely new to RP games, and we want to coax those players who may have lost their enthusiasm back to seeing the shine that is still out there for them. We seek the seekers, those who are excited by the possibilities every time they log on & jump into a new world.

Our hope is to provoke thought and highlight the profound connection between the arts, the world of gaming, and the lives we lead. We want to encourage more interaction between the various creative disciplines that make a game come alive. We also want to make space for discussion of more serious issues and the experiences that shape way we play — and how the ways we play sometimes shape the experiences that we have.